Plants in a box.

Moving into my new place, I knew I needed exactly one thing:


Yes, plants. Not toilet paper. Not a bed. First priority: Plants.

I buy most things online, so I figured: “Why not trying buying some house plants online? What could go wrong?”

TLDR: nothing went wrong. Plants are awesome, and you can safely buy them online if you pick the right sellers. I had great luck with Burpee and Shop Succulents on Amazon.

Researching Hardy House Plants

I wanted plants that would be tough to kill. I have two big windows in my loft but they are both north facing. Sun is limited. I settled on 4 plants after hours of research on Reddit.

Buying Four Plants Online

These are the four plants I decided to buy on Amazon:

  • Spider Plant
  • Snake Plant
  • Dracaena Lemon Lime
  • ZZ Plant

Spider Plant

The spider plant I ordered came first, and while I was a little underwhelmed by the size, it is really adorable. It’s only in a 4″ pot, so I should have figured it would be small. But it came in a box within a box, so it was a little deceptive:

Little box in a big box. Kept my little cute spider plant safe!

Inside the little box the plant was wrapped in box paper, but once that was removed, this beauty started to emerge:

I’m a spider plant. Rwarrrrr!

Here’s a Nalgene bottle next to the plant for size comparison:

I’m now just waiting to get the perfect little pot for my spider plant. First plant, success!

Want this plant? ——> Buy this Spider Plant on Amazon.

Dracaena Lemon Lime Plant

The Dracaena Lemon Lime Plant showed up a few days after spider plant. It is a 6″ plant, so I figured it would be a little bigger…but it was much bigger! And beautiful! I ordered the Snake Plant and the Dracaena together from Burpee and they both arrived packed together in a crazy upright plant box:

The easiest way to get the plants out is to remove the inner cardboard liner which hold the container. Or you can try to cut it out like I did (do not recommend this!) on the first plant:

Once I got the Dracaena Lemon Lime plant out I could tell it was in great shape:

I even had a good pot for it….but I decided to wait on that:

Cute pot. Meet cute plant.

I don’t have a good pot for the Dracaena Lemon Lime plant yet, but it looks just great in my loft.

The Dracaena Lemon Lime plant from Burpee looked amazing right out of the box.

Want this plant? ——> Buy this Dracaena Lemon Line Plant on Amazon.

Spider Plant

The second plant in my Burpee box ordered online from Amazon was a Spider plant. This time I was able to remove the inner cardboard holder from the larger box:

And viola!

A little crooked, but OK.

This little guy had a lot less soil than the Snake. I decided to use my cute pot for this plant, and steal some soil from the Draceana plant:

Not the best place to do this. But apartment living am I right?

Once I got the Snake plant potted, and cleaned up, she just looked wonderful on my desk against my brick wall:

Hello there adorable. You don’t look scary like a snake.

I’m not sure where Snake plant is going to live yet, I’m still getting settled into my place, but it’s going to look great I think.

Not its final spot. But nice to show size and beauty!

Want this plant? ——> Buy this Snake Plant on Amazon.

ZZ Plant

My ZZ Plant took the longest to arrive. About a week longer than the first 3 plants. Here’s the box that showed up inside my mailbox:

This is quite small!

Opening it up, there was a lunch bag inside, with a plant very nicely wrapped inside:

It took awhile, but the ZZ plant is adorable and came packaged very well.
Small but cute.

All in all, my adventure buying plants online was a huge success! Here’s a final video of the 4 plants:

Want to order plants online yourself? All the plans here were bought on Amazon from Burpee and Shop Succulents and JM Bamboo.

Buying Plants Online Q&A

Where can I buy house plants online?

There are a number of e-commerce stores that sell plants online, but I found to have an amazing selection and an easy checkout process. I would recommend some of their sellers like Burpee and Shop Succulents.

Where can I buy cheap plants online?

The plants I showcased in this post where anywhere from $14.99 to the most expensive at around $24. You can find cheaper plants at Amazon, but they will likely be small succulents, or only 3″ to 4″ plant sizes.

Where can I buy large plants online?

Again, Amazon carries all sizes of plants. The catch on larger plants at Amazon is most are artificial. But check out this artificial 6 foot Ficus! For large plants, as long as you spend over $99, there are growers who will deliver to you like and

They can’t all live on my desk, right?
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