The Queen size WinkBed Plus fit into the back of my BMW X3 with room to spare.

I ordered my WinkBed Plus mattress online from WinkBeds on August 31, 2019. It arrived just 12 days later on September 11, 2019. I will be continuing to update this review as I sleep on the bed longer.

Buying a mattress online is now common

It’s a whole new world in the mattress business as the past decade the online mattress revolution started by Casper, Leesa and others has exploded the industry.

With rock-solid satisfaction guarantees, more and more people feel fine ordering one of their most intimate furniture pieces online without even testing it out first!

WinkBeds: a second-generation online mattress company

120-Night Risk-Free trial period. Warranty for life. These large postcards were found just inside the cardboard box.

Winkbeds is no different in it’s rock solid reviews, and 120-day risk free guarantee. Started in just 2017 though, it’s a second-generation company in the online mattress world.

Why I chose WinkBeds

I was sold getting a WinkBed after reading some solid reddit threads and watching a handful of YouTube video reviews of the product. And I needed a mattress for my new apartment, but I didn’t need it right away, so waiting a few weeks wouldn’t be a problem.

Hoping to help fix sleeping issues

I’ve been having sleeping issues more acutely the past few months. Because of that I had no problem spending a bit more to get a quality mattress. I’ve had sleeping issues my whole adult life, and have found in the past the right mattress can really help. I’ve found for me a firmer mattress works best, which is why I went with the Plus firmness, the Winkbeds most firm bed offering.

WinkBeds WinkBed Plus costs $1,249-$1,999 depending on the size

The WinkBed Plus Queen size that I ordered set me back a cool $1799. Thankfully no sales tax here in progressive leaning tax-friendly Oregon. Depending on the size, you’ll pay from $1,249-$1,999.

WinkBeds Mattresses price by size and firmness

Below is a table showing pricing for all WinkBed’s models, not just the Plus. It also shows every mattress size:

SizeFirmnessCostView on
TwinSofter$1049View on
TwinLuxury Firm$1049View on
TwinFirmer$1049View on
TwinPlus$1249View on
Twin XLSofter$1149View on
Twin XLLuxury Firm$1149View on
Twin XLFirmer$1149View on
Twin XLPlus$1349View on
FullSofter$1299View on
FullLuxury Firm$1299View on
FullFirmer$1299View on
FullPlus$1499View on
QueenSofter$1599View on
QueenLuxury Firm$1599View on
QueenFirmer$1599View on
QueenPlus$1799View on
KingSofter$1799View on
KingLuxury Firm$1799View on
KingFirmer$1799View on
KingPlus$1999View on
Cal. KingSofter$1849View on
Cal. KingLuxury Firm$1849View on
Cal. KingFirmer$1849View on
Cal. KingPlus$1999View on

My WinkBed shipping & packaging

When I opened the box this is what the WinkBeds WinkBed Plus mattress looked like all shrinkwrapped up. The box also included a small letter opener, which was a nice touch for easily opening the shrinkwrapped bed. There was an outer shrinkwrap layer and then and inner plastic layer around the bed.

The included letter opener was a nice touch to make quick to unwrap.

Getting the shrink-wrap off took maybe 2 minutes and then the bed flopped open! There was some immediate rise at the top of the bed. The WinkBed Plus is a combo spring and foam mattress, so I think the foam on top quickly rose.

This was my first initial impression about 5 minutes after opening the bed:

Minor Thread Construction Issues

Winkbeds construction issue
This errant thread could have been cleaned up before the mattress was delivered.

I found a few loose threads and one threat that crossed the divots in the mattress. So maybe some quality control at the end of construction got missed. Here’s a quick video of what I’m talking about:

WinkBed Plus Night 1 Sleep Review

I had trouble falling to sleep on my first night on the WinkBed Plus. Because my neighbor in my apartment was blasting a mission impossible movie through the walls! I almost didn’t think about being in a new bed the first few hours because I was so distracted with the noise. I think this is a good start for the WinkBed in my life.

I only woke up once during the night, which is fantastic for me (gotta stay hydrated!). I slept over 8 hours. This is my sweet spot, 8 to 8.5 hours and I feel great during the day.

I use a sleep app called AutoSleep, and along with an Apple Watch it is highly accurate I’ve found for tracking my sleep. It had me at 1h 33m of deep sleep, which is good for me as well.

The biggest takeaway I had from the first night is how well I seemed to fit with the bed. It felt like a natural fit for me on the first night. I’ll be curious to see if my good sleep trend holds up for the 7-night review update.

WinkBed Plus Night 7 Sleep Review

A week in, almost a perfect nights sleep on the Winkbed.

My sleep on the WinkBed is going very well. I’ve had less wakeups in the past week on average than any week previous in the last 2 months. My deep sleep has also increased. I’ve yet to reposition due to discomfort that I can remember! That is awesome. I’m mostly sleeping on my back and on my side, probably 50/50 each. I’m averaging close to 2 hours of deep sleep since moving to the Winkbed, vs 1.5 hours before. This is big for me, my deep sleep is the biggest indicator of how refreshed I feel the next day.

My Customer Service Experience

WinkBeds Customer Service Response
When you visit their website, there is no direct way to link to a specific size or firmness option, so I had followed a link and thought I had the right firmness but did not double check it.

I initial had ordered the “Firm” Queen mattress, when I had intended to order the “Plus” model. I quickly shot WinkBeds a quick email the following morning when I realized my mistake. I was hopefully I could still catch them in time to update the order. This was on a Saturday morning of a holiday weekend (Labor Day).

On Monday (Labor Day!!!) I got a call from WinkBeds saying this was not a problem, and they would just create a new invoice for me to pay just the difference (the Plus model is $200 more). I was relieved. 5 minutes after the call, the invoice showed up in my inbox and we got the order updated. This was all on a national holiday.

What happens when you order from WinkBeds?

Here’s every email I got from WinkBeds after I ordered:

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Winkbed take to arrive?

According to the email they sent me after I ordered my WinkBed Plus Mattress it will take about 2-weeks for the mattress to arrive. They state, “We offer free ground shipping within the continental United States. Depending on where you’re located, and because each of our beds are built-to-order, it will take about two weeks for you to receive your mattress after placing an order.

For my order, it took 12 days from when I ordered my WinkBed, to when I received it.

Where can you buy or try WinkBeds Mattresses?

You can buy a WinkBed Mattress from Online used to be the only option, they now have 4 showrooms where you can try out a WinkBed:

  • The Sleep Sherpa Chicago Showroom, located at 415 W. Huron St. Chicago, IL 60654 312-265-0499
  • The SleePare Showroom in New York City, located at 166 Bowery St. New York, NY 10012.
  • Sleepare Tyson’s corner 1524 Spring Hill RD #KK, Tysons, VA 22102
  • The Sleep Sherpa Showroom, located in the Twin Cities Metro Area at 7301 Washington Ave S. Edina, MN 55439.

Winkbeds mattresses are hand-made in the USA in their factory in Wisconsin.

Can I put a WinkBeds mattress on a boxspring?

Yes, you can absolutely put a Winkbed mattress on top of a boxspring. It is recommended. Keep in mind that the Winkbed is a taller mattress at 13.5″ so you may want a lower-profile boxspring or foundation. Winkbed recommends and sells a 5″ low-profile foundation.

Does WinkBeds offer a try at home guarantee?

Yes. They offer a 120 nights risk-free trial. The trial begins once the mattress arrives at your home, not from when you order it. So you really do have 120 nights to try out the mattress. If you want to exchange your Winkbed, there is a small $49 exchange fee.

What are the WinkBed mattress dimensions?

For each WinkBed mattress size, here are the dimensions:

  • Twin: 13.5″ x 38″ x 75″ – 75 lbs
  • Twin XL: 13.5″ x 38″ x 80″ – 85 lbs
  • Full: 13.5″ x 54″ x 75″ – 120 lbs
  • Queen: 13.5″ x 60″ x 80″ – 135 lbs
  • King: 13.5″ x 76″ x 80″ – 145 lbs
  • California King : 13.5″ x 72″ x 84″ – 145 lbs

How does WinkBeds ship?

My WinkBeds WinkBed Plus was shipped in a large cardboard box via UPS. The box weighed over 100 lbs! Inside the box the mattress was shrink-wrapped and compressed down. Inside the box was a letter-cutter to remove the outer shrink-wrap layer. Once the outer shrink-wrap layer was remove the mattress inflated very quickly to it’s full size. There is an inner plastic layer to protect the mattress but the mattress will be pretty close to full size once you remove the shrink-wrap layer

What are any complaints against Winkbeds?

The main complaints against WinkBeds are around too many positive reviews from affiliates (valid claim for sure) and that their foam quality could be higher. See these Reddit threads:

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