I’m gonna find out if this is really the best. Scott test time!

I recently started liking a beard style where I keep a little bit of stubble, but shave below my chin area. It’s a mix of clean and unshaven and I really like it. It’s been much easier for me to keep up than just strait shaving, which I would ultimately end up doing every two weeks instead of every day. Because keeping just below my chin line clean takes only a minute or two to shave, I’ve been more able to keep up with it.

Because I like this new style I decided to look into dedicated stubble trimmer’s. And after a lot of research it came down to one: the ConAir Man iStubble. It had mostly great reviews and I really like devices that are single purpose because they usually do one thing really well.

My first shave and video review

I did a shave with this “best stubble trimmer” right out of the box and here’s what I found:

Verdict? It’s Awesome

This thing is small, but powerful enough to go through my thick beard without pulling. I like how easy it is to change the sizing, just two simple arrow buttons up and down. Someone at ConAir read the design of everyday things!

This is going to be my go to shaver every day now, so for someone like me that likes a short beard or a little stubble, heck yeah, this is the best stubble trimmer. Nothing else goes as close as .4mm out there.

Grab it on Amazon here:

Check iStubble Price on Amazon

Two weeks in review

After just two weeks of using this shaver, it’s hard for me to think of what I did before. Well, I just let my beard go crazy and then would do a massively not fun 1-hour shaving session to get it back down to nothing.

Now, with this stubble trimmer, I just shave every few days, but it only takes 2-3 minutes. I think the small amount of time it takes makes me more likely to not put it off, and so my beard is staying nice and trimmed at a short but still beard like 2.0mm!

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